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Our Hotel is a tastefully decorated place in the very center of Leszno. This is a classy place, but also an interesting story. The apartments of our hotel are located in an old tenement house built here already in 1905. In 1966 – 2004, in the building at 5 Niepodległości Street there was Biegajski family’s bakery, whose pastries were known and appreciated throughout the Leszno region.

Today, instead of the smell of fresh baked goods from the oven we can feel the atmosphere of a very friendly hotel in Leszno, where guests feel at home – and return to our doorsteps, as if they were still selling traditional bread rolls here.

Our hotel is unique in terms of accommodation in Leszno. None of the apartments in Leszno can offer such an accommodation, unique atmosphere and a great location to their clients. Our hotel offers accommodation in the very city center so you can get to any place in Leszno in a few moments. All the attractions worth visiting, important institutions and offices – are within easy reach of our apartments. Thanks to our location, which is close to the transport arteries and train station, we are an obvious choice in the category ‘Hotels in Leszno’.